God is moving powerfully on campus.  We want more.

So, I’m kicking off a new way to keep a record of what God is doing.  Things start before this post, but I’ll let someone else write about them.

Last Thursday (September 27th, 2012), Justin came to speak at TNF – he shared with us an introduction to the Gospel.  When he finished sharing, he shared with us that he felt like someone in the room had back pain.  Six people raised their hands.  Those six people (I was one of them) were fully healed of their back pain that night.

Tonight (October 3rd) at IVSSM, Becky taught us about healing.  I had some back pain from sitting in the chair, as well as some pain in the back of my head.  Brittany got a word of knowledge about a head, so they prayed for me.  All pain went away.  Eric had a headache.  Brittany put her hand on his head right where it hurt and the pain went away immediately.  We also prayed for Brittany’s leg – Eric prayed for her ankle and the pain went away.  Eric then saw Aaron praying for her ankle.  After he did, the pain in her knee went away.

Praise God.