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Launch - Launch is a site for small group leaders and mentors to use to help new Christians learn how to follow Jesus. The centerpiece is a series of biblical and experiential group sessions focused on the top 10 questions Christians in university settings have about growing their relationship with Jesus. The site also includes links to Jesus-and-justice issues, top resources – video, podcasts, books, etc. – for new Christians, blog posts that speak to the emerging generation, and more!

Student Soul - is a place for conversation about lively faith, real relationships and life on a college campus.  The site is built  so that readers become writers! At every turn, readers have the chance to participate in creating content at — from making comments on Spotlight features or suggesting questions for our next InterView to posing a Good Question or uploading your own resources.

How do I start reading the Bible? - A lot of people would like to become more familiar with the Bible’s characters, stories and message. That’s a worthy ambition, but where do you begin? Many would-be readers are paralyzed by the sheer size of the Bible and by not knowing where to start.

Inductive Bible Study - use an inductive approach to the passage: let the text speak, and start your study from observation (“What does the text say?”) to interpretation (“What does it mean?”) to application (“What does it mean for my life?”)